New Pope – same values!

I sometimes get accused of intolerance towards religion. I have had lots of good frank discussions with Green Christians both within this blog and elsewhere. I am perfectly willing to tolerate people believing whatever they want to believe in. But that does not exempt them from criticism of expressing views that I, and I would hope most Green Party members, find unacceptable.

We co-exist within the Green Party because we largely share a concern for environmental and social justice. As a Jesuit, Bergoglio has a pretty good track record of championing the poor, but I do wonder how Green Party members happily remain within churches where their purported ‘infallible’ leader – God’s supposed representative here on Earth – spouts this sort of appalling nonsense.

Intolerant of these attitudes? Guilty as charged!

Part of a speech against Argentina presidential candidate Cristina Kirchner given in 2007, during the electoral campaign.

From a private letter to some nuns that became public.

Until he at least starts sorting out the child abusers within his ranks, and getting them prosecuted in courts of (worldly) law, he can have no moral authority whatsoever. It may be week one, but it has to be his number one priority. It will be interesting to see if his ‘elevation’ to the Holy See leads to actions on this front that we could all applaud.

Andy Chyba

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