Mandatory viewing for all who fear for the NHS.

Lucy Reynolds is an academic who has studied the background of the NHS in detail, learning in the process what the appalling consequences of privatisation will be. Here she answers questions put by Jill Mountfield, a member of the steering committee on the “Save Lewisham Hospital” campaign. March 2013.

Review comments:

This interview is dynamite. We must make sure it is seen by as many people in the country as possible.

Stunningly clear explanations – one of the most lucid narrators I have encountered.

What a smart person…best explanation I’ve ever heard…thank you.

Crystal-clear. An excellent guide to clarifying what’s going on among the confusion.

Having now watched this video interview in full, I cannot overpraise Lucy Reynolds’ forensically detailed dissection of every aspect of the current privatisation of the NHS and in addition, the historical developments which led up to it. It must rank with Pollock’s NHS plc and Leys and Player’s Plot Against the NHS as the best accounts ever given of NHS privatisation. I urge you to put the time aside to watch it and to e-mail, tweet, FB and to tell everyone who cares about our NHS to do the same.

Share far and wide!

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