Greatest Living Britons – accolade for Caroline Lucas among some ‘interesting’ choices

The BBC reports that CAROLINE LUCAS has been declared the 4th Greatest Living British Woman by Best of British magazine.

She came behind this Top 3:

  1. The Queen
  2. Margaret Thatcher
  3. Maggie Smith (actor)

5th was BBC presenter Susanna Reid, so it was a fairly eclectic selection, to say the least.

On the men’s side the Top 5 were:

  1. David Attenborough (patron of Population Matters, amongst many other things)
  2. Prof Stephen Hawking
  3. Ranulph Fiennes (explorer)
  4. Prince Charles
  5. Tim Berners-Lee (world wide web inventor)

For those (like me) who have never seen or heard of The Best of British magazine, Newsstand website describes it thus:
“Proudly patriotic, Best of British magazine describes itself as the UKs Top Nostalgia Monthly, and who are we to argue? Each issue brings a rose-tinted look into the glorious past of this fair nation. It covers memories as diverse as steam power, motoring and dolls houses if it was brilliant and British you can be sure that it’ll be featured.”

I have to say I would be more prepared to endorse the men’s list (well, 80% of it perhaps), but it is great to see Caroline Lucas penetrating the consciousness of such people and getting such richly deserved recognition. I have to say that I hope this recognition by a nostalgia magazine does not signify that her best is in the past – I happen to believe she she has a huge amount to offer and a lot to still achieve. Next time around, first place beckons!

Andy Chyba

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