Ecologist Film Unit highlights the role of UK Fractivists

Lots of familiar faces from the UK fractivist community feature in this Ecologist Film Unit 12 minute film.It shows some of our successful efforts to unite the opposition to fracking from around the regions – such as the joint deposition to Downing Street at the big demo in London.

Film description published on 27 Feb 2013
“Across the UK, Britain’s green, picturesque land is facing uncertainty after the arrival of fracking. The specter of gas wells and drilling sites, articulated trucks, waste lagoons, and other fracking detritus hangs heavy in a land more typically associated with small scale farming, cricket on the green, and “cottage” industries. But, not prepared to see their landscape altered forever, a new wave of citizen activists is gearing up to fight back.”

It is an issue that has also stirred the environmental movement in Poland too. I have relatives from Poland showing interest in environmental issues for the first time over the threat of fracking. This 10 minute film comes from the same Ecologist Film Unit series:

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