GREENPEACE lobbying of MPs re the new Energy Bill

We need green electricity for the UK

Right now is the best opportunity we’ve had in generations to ensure the electricity we use no longer pollutes our planet. Write to your MP to support the zero-carbon target on the UK’s new Energy Bill.

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Hi Andy

This doesn’t happen every day. We have a chance to move away from dirty fossil fuels and set our country firmly on the path to a renewable, booming, low-carbon economy. In writing, by law.

Want in? Good. Tell your MP to support clean electricity in the Energy Bill.

A crucial ingredient of the government’s new Energy Bill was supposed to be a legally-binding target for the UK to produce almost zero carbon electricity by 2030.

This would be a huge win for household bills, our planet and common sense. But George Osborne is blocking it in favour of gas; the kind you get from fracking – a process which involves pumping chemicals into the ground to fracture gas-containing rocks.

At this critical point in our history, there’s no way we want the British countryside ‘fracked’ for dirty and expensive gas instead of a clean, renewable energy boom. Write to your MP today and ask them to show support for clean electricity.

This is our country’s chance to finally end our dependence on fossil fuels for electricity. The UK already has a leading edge on renewables: wind power has been growing by 50% year-on-year. [1]

Britain is now in prime position to become a world leader in the offshore wind industry. But instead Osborne and his allies are plotting to blast two-thirds of the English countryside to see their gas-fuelled nightmare come true.[2]

This is not something that might yet happen in the future. This is real, it’s happening now and you can do something about it. Tell your MP to support clean jobs and clean electricity now, and cut our dependence on gas and other polluting fossil fuels.

This is winnable. Industry is with us: major clean energy companies like Siemens and Alstrom are lined up to invest in the UK if we get this commitment which would create thousands of jobs and get the economy going again.

This is bigger than party politics. Influential members of Osborne’s own party agree with us. Tim Yeo, the Conservative MP leading the rebellion against Osborne said ‘[I] will not stand by and watch the wrong decisions being made on energy policy’. Now it’s our turn to show our support.

Let’s make this law do what it’s supposed to do, and change the future for our country.


Pete & the energy team

PS The Energy Bill will define where our electricity comes from for the next 30 years or more. Let’s make sure it prioritises clean electricity over dirty, expensive gas. Tell your MP to support green jobs and clean energy now.


[1]“Britain’s supply of green energy soars,” The Independent, 1 July 2012,

[2]”Fracking in the UK” Greenpeace Energydesk 30th November 2012

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