Our Hospital Chaplaincy Services motion makes it to the final agenda of the Nottingham Conference (just)

After the prioritisation ballot, our motion just crept through. It will therefore probably be heard on the Monday of Conference – with a smaller audience, but a higher chance of being passed, I suspect.For those not familiar with the issue: check these out:http://www.secularism.org.uk/nhs-chaplaincy-funding.html   and  http://www.secularism.org.uk/charitable-chaplaincy-cymru.html

Our motion appears on the agenda as follows:

C31. Hospital Chaplaincy Services

Proposed by Andy Chyba (**), Anthony Young, John Evans, Owen Clarke, + 2 others


A National Secular Society survey has shown that over £30m of NHS money was spent on hospital chaplaincy services in 2009/10 in England and Wales; services with no clinical benefit. That such services are publicly funded, ahead of services such as Macmillan Cancer Support and Air Ambulances services, is indefensible.


Insert into the PSS new section HE 371 For some patients, hospital chaplaincy services offer an important source of comfort and spiritual support. NHS Health boards should facilitate a chaplaincy service. Chaplaincy funding should not come from a fixed health budget. Alternative funding streams should be used.

We will therefore:

I. Divert the expenditure being spent each year on the English and Welsh c

haplaincy services into front-line health services.

II. Work with the leaders of all religious denominations in England and Wales to establish charitable trusts to fund hospital chaplaincy services.

2 thoughts on “Our Hospital Chaplaincy Services motion makes it to the final agenda of the Nottingham Conference (just)

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