Take the UK Shale Gas Business Confidence survey (+ see ‘Cameron’s Ecocide’)

I am sure you can all come up with suitable answers for this little shale gas industry survey:http://blogs.terrapinn.com/world-oil-and-gas/2013/01/15/uk-shale-gas-business-confidence-survey/

Terrapinn, the organisers of Europes leading Shale Gas meeting, are conducting a UK Shale Gas Business Confidence survey. We would appreciate you taking 5 minutes to complete this multiple-choice survey.

The results will be presented at a networking drinks reception on 30 January at 6:00pm in London, to which you would be very welcome. We will also distribute them to all participants.

I thank you for your time in advance.

Best regards,

Terence ODwyer
Shale Gas World UK

Suggested answers:

Q1-Other. Industry observer
Q4-Little or no impact
Q5-Other. Public opposition. Knowledgeable and well-organised anti-fracking movement
Q6-Profit and tax revenue
Q 11- Whatever you see fit, or leave blank

Question 5 really takes the prize for revealing the mentality of these frackers:

5. What do you feel is the biggest threat to shale gas exploration success in the UK?

a) Government and regulatory hazard
b) Technology and supply chain limitations
c) Other (please specify)It would be fantastic to think that the Government and proper regulatory regime could be seen to be the biggest threat to these bastards coming in and doing their dirty deeds, but with Cameron in Downing Street, that really isn’t likely to worry them much – unless we do something about it! (See video below).

But the sheer wording of the question sickens me – they perceive being regulated properly as an occupational hazard – and all hazards are to be avoided, aren’t they? Our job therefore is to ensure that we, and the Fractivist movement as a whole, become their unsurmountable hazard!!

As for Cameron – I think this sums him up pretty well.

Cameron’s Ecocide: http://vimeo.com/43463474

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