Response from Councillor Martyn Jones to request to openly support 20’s Plenty for Bettws Campaign

Hi Andy Gareth and DelythThank you for your message This of course is a worthwhile campaign which I will be happy to support especially in terms of attempting to negotiate and influence the Borough Council to at least consider your proposals. I have read the attachment and the Portsmouth example is impressive. I will raise this with officers directly responsible for Community Safety and Highways this coming week and I am more than happy to meet with you to discuss further. Thank you for taking an interest in Bettws and as you have rightly identified this is an opportunity for the community to lead the way in the Borough



Hi Martyn,

Thank you for the prompt reply and encouraging words. If we leave this with you for a week or so to allow you to raise it with the appropriate officers, perhaps we could arrange to meet in a week or so’s time to discuss how best to proceed.

Thanks again,

Andy, Gareth & Delyth
20’s Plenty for Bettws

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