Invitation to Councillor Martyn Jones to openly support 20’s Plenty for Bettws Campaign

Dear Councillor Jones,

In recent surveys over 80% of people support 20 mph limits without humps for residential roads, including 72% of motorists. 30 mph is just too high and dangerous in the streets where vulnerable road users are at greatest risk. We have undertaken surveys in Bettws that bears out these figures (82% support) and have 123 names on a petition (and unfortunately lost a sheet with at least another 20 names).

The 20s Plenty for Us Campaign is for residential streets with most A, B and arterial roads remaining at current limits. As almost every home, office or school is within 1/3 mile of an arterial road then the maximum change in journey time is under 40 seconds.

Many authorities are using Department of Transport guidance which encourages lower speeds to be set without physical calming. With education, consultation, social pressure and light touch enforcement, authorities such as Portsmouth have implemented a council wide default 20 mph limit for residential roads without any physical calming at all. Oxford and Bristol have followed suit. Over 8 million people live in authorities committed to Total 20 mph limits for residential roads. 20’s Plenty is a universal aspiration for communities, constituents and politicians not a party political one.

20s Plenty saves lives. Portsmouth had a 22% reduction in total casualties at year twos evaluation. A recent PACTS (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety) report found that child casualties fell by 67% where 20 mph schemes were introduced. 20 mph limits are recommended by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) and the Association for Directors of Public Health.

I do hope that Bettws people can rely upon their elected representative to support and promote this excellent policy. It has all the following benefits:

  • Save lives and injury
  • Encourages walking and cycling leading to healthier children and adults.
  • Lower congestion and pollution
  • Less noise
  • Create a better environment on residential roads
  • Reduces health inequality between rich and poor in their life expectancy.

Most people involved in transport development recognise that, at some time, 20 mph will become the default speed limit for all residential roads in the UK. Bridgend can “hang on” till such a time and in the intervening period vulnerable road users in Bridgend and Bettws will die or be injured as a result of such a delay. The sooner we adopt the 20’s Plenty initiative then the greater the saving in lives and injury and the earlier the benefits in quality of life on our streets. Bettws can be the proving ground for the whole of Bridgend County.

Bettws children and adults want and need 20 mph as a default speed limit in the roads where they live. 20’s Plenty For Us will be continuing to campaign for the early adoption of this road danger reduction and life saving policy.

I trust that our communities can count on your support for residential 20 mph limits and that Bridgend will be a “can do” authority in taking this sensible step improve our quality of life in Bettws at the very least. The fact that you are a member of the Community Safety & Governance Overview and Scrutiny Committee makes you especially appropriate to be pushing this initiative forward.

Please let me know your thoughts. I can assist in explaining the initiative or its benefits then I would be very pleased to help. Please see for briefing sheets and more information on implementation, and our local campaign page:

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Andy Chyba, Gareth Harris & Delyth Miller

20’s Plenty for Bettws Co-ordinators

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