Reaction to Osborne’s green light for the dash for gas

My phone was hot all morning with journalists seeking reactions. Always happy to oblige:

BBC Radio Wales: (from 1:05:58 to 1:11:30 and 2:13:12 to 2:18:48)
Very pleased with this coverage.

ITV Wales: (2 min clip – Andy at 0:23; John at 1:20)
Spent 20 mins in the bitter cold at Llandow for about 15 secs of coverage!! But happy enough with the tone of the overall piece.

Walesonline/Glamorgan Gazette pg2: (checkout the comments below the online piece – please score them appropriately)
Getting used to dreadful reporting and misquoting by the Glamorgan Gazette. I am beginning to see some substance to some of the conspiracy theories about their allegiances. Nonetheless good for raising awareness in the local area – plus good to have a right to reply in the Comments section of walesonline version.

It was also good to see and hear some other familiar people on other coverage from around the country.

Vanessa Vine (BIFF) and Tony Bosworth (FoE) – two people I count as friends these days from meeting and talking to them so often – feature prominently throughout the whole hour of this EXCELLENT Nicky Campbell phone -in show. (I was rung by Radio 5 and put on standby for the whole hour – but was not used. Vanessa was superb though; as was the very emotional lady called Lizzie!!)
BBC Five Live: (from 8:00; but check out Vanessa at 14:23 to 15:33; Vanessa and Tony 19:32 to 20:20; Lizzie 28:34 to 31:10)

And you can watch Vanessa get furious here!
Sky News:

Probably lots of other coverage around the regions too.

We will keep on battling away to raise public awareness of what is at stake, and ensure the frackers and their friends in Government are held to account every step of the way.

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