The Co-operative is campaigning for a Clean Energy Revolution with communities at its heart. We want to see a dramatic increase in the number of communities democratically controlling and benefiting from their own renewable energy projects, as is common elsewhere in Europe.
These projects will help reduce our reliance on increasingly expensive and dirty fossil fuels. Whats more, they keep the profits generated within the community and increase local support for vital renewable energy schemes (research shows that two out of three people who oppose wind turbines change their minds if they belong to the community!).

However, more Government support is needed to empower communities ask your MP to support a Clean Energy Revolution in the UK. Did you know...

Contact your MP
In support of a Clean Energy n…
Success for our Plan Bee campaign!
A big thank you to all members and customers who supported our call for a systematic review of the impact of pesticides on pollinators.

Last month, the Environmental Audit Committee, which considers how government policies contribute to environmental protection, announced an inquiry into the impact of insecticides on bees and other insects. This follows the publication of a report by Defra, which confirmed it is carrying out further research in this area
Read more about this announcement

Also, as part of our Plan Bee campaign, we have launched an interactive map to help connect beekeepers if youre a beekeeper, or have land to share with beekeepers, find out how to connect in your community.

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