Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill – action required

Yes vote on Uganda Bill could mean life in prison or worse for consensual sex. Urgent action needed.
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Urgent action needed to stop Uganda’s
Anti-Homosexuality Bill
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David Kato was openly gay, an LGBTI rights activist and Ugandan. For this, his details were published in a hate-filled newspaper article and he was murdered.Yet rather than take steps to end violence and discrimination against LGBTI people, the authorities are encouraging it. Any day now, they could pass laws to punish consensual same-sex relations with life in prison, or even death.
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Dear Andy,In Uganda, consensual sex with someone you love is already against the law if they happen to be of the same sex as you.Homophobic violence and abuse is rife and goes unpunished. In fact, it is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people who may be arrested, detained and even tortured, simply for expressing who they are.

Protect LGBTI rights in Uganda oppose the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Within the next few days, things could get even worse.

A new Bill is due to be debated any time now and is likely to be voted on soon afterwards. If passed, it could allow for a life sentence for consensual sexual conduct between people of the same sex.

It may even allow the death penalty for the offence of aggravated homosexuality.

The Bill would also continue to criminalise the promotion of homosexuality, leaving gay rights activists in Uganda open to harassment and excluding LGBTI people from accessing health services and HIV/AIDS prevention programmes.

Ask Uganda’s Parliament not to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Before he was murdered, David Kato was involved in the campaign against an earlier version of the Anti-Homosexuality bill. Some activists continue to risk their lives to fight against institutional discrimination, even in the face of further laws which will help legitimise violent attacks against them.

Please show LGBTI activists in Uganda they are not alone

Thank you,

Kim Manning-Cooper
LGBTI Rights Campaign Manager

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