Stop Osborne’s mad dash for gas – from Greenpeace re fracking

Stop Osborne's Dash for Gas

Tell David Cameron to side with the majority of the UK public and support clean, green energy.

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Dear Supporter

Right now plans are being drawn up that could see dozens of new dirty gas power stations built in the UK. These stations would undermine every victory won by our climate movement in the last 5 years.

Gas is an expensive fossil fuel and if these power stations go ahead they will result in decades of unrestricted carbon emissions and more pollution in the air we breathe.

A majority of us – 64% of the British public – want clean, renewable energy powering our lives.

But George Osborne is leading a faction of Conservative politicians who are pushing a dash for gas as part of a new Energy Bill that will be going before parliament in the next few weeks.

But you can stop him if you act now.

Tell David Cameron to listen to to the country on clean energy. Not Osborne and the gas lobby.

Cameron once promised to lead the ‘greenest government ever’. He changed the Conservative logo to reflect his green agenda, he even went to the Arctic to hug a husky. He created a green image to appeal to people like us but behind the scenes Osborne and his pals want to reverse all the real progress we’ve made on climate change.

Now it’s time for Cameron to deliver on his promise. The Energy Bill will be the test. It will shape the way our electricity is generated for the next 30 years.

Osborne’s group want to hand this future to the gas companies. Gas companies that spend billions on expensive gas imports, driving up household energy bills. Gas companies that lobby against expansion in wind power and hand out enormous salaries and bonuses to their top executives. Gas companies that pushed their prices up 8% in the last two months, meaning a quarter of the UK is now in fuel poverty and can’t afford their bills.

Gas is expensive. But it’s also dirty. From well to furnace, some types of gas power produce up to two-thirds the emissions of coal power stations.

But David Cameron can change this. By taking control of his party and sticking to his green promises.

Tell Cameron to side with the British public, not the extreme fringes of the Tory party.

The Energy Bill is the biggest opportunity for decades to green our electricity supply and kick-start the British economy.

Thanks for making it happen,

Pete Speller
Greenpeace UK

PS This week saw the longest power station occupation in history, as 16 activists from #NoDashForGas occupied the UK’s newest gas station for over a week!

Greenpeace UK


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