FRACKING: “We must all become active to be proactive because reactive measures are too costly.” Learning from a Texan’s experience.

I received this plea for help from a lady in Arlington, Texas, that highlights the reality of fracking near urban areas.

It also highlights the sorts of precautions that have not been taken over there, and are not likely to be taken here either due to the complete lack of bespoke regulation for this uniquely hazardous process. We need to heed her last sentence in particular!

Kim Triolo Feil; Arlington TX

Having experience here, I need investors and stakeholders in shale to reason with the industry, and so I need you to help me speak to them as they are not responsive to me.

I live at ground zero for urban drilling. We have about 60 padsites in our 99 sq mile town here in Arlington TX. The following requests wont cover public protections on the huge buildout and the associated human errors or accidents. We had a drill spill in Lake Arlington, our drinking source, a couple of years ago and have had maybe a dozen emission events over the last couple of years that I am aware of.

These are the items that our drilling ordinance lacks ..
1. Use electric (not diesel) rigs in urban areas.
2. Video tape ALL cement casing pours when it comes back up to the top through the annulus so that there is proof of an even pour and ensure all wells have electric bond log tests.
3. All drilling mud farming (private & commercial) is subject to open records of water & soil test results.
4. We need the industry to invent technology to keep the toxic, silica dust on the padsite-those pathetic pillow case looking socks arent getting the job done.
6. We shouldnt have to wait 2.5 years for the EPA mandated Green Completions and allow venting or flaring in urban or rural areas.methane losses should be prevented-period.
7. The pipeline should be in place FIRST before fracturing so that flowback doesnt sit in the ground for months festering some unknown, man-made hydrogen sulfide-like stale water flowback.
8. The setback away from people should be substantial. Rural method drilling is not acceptable in urban areas. A doctor who is an environmental tester said that the health effects are being seen downwind from about 1,800 2,500 feet.
9. Zero tolerance for underinspected, or faked Waste Disposal Injection Well casing pressure tests which risks eventual migration of toxic fluids into our drinking supplies.

Lets elect officials that will ensure a protective Oil & Gas Drilling Ordinance. This is in our collective power so we must all become active to be proactive because reactive measures are too costly.

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