The UK Government is selling off school land to rich developers across the country, leaving kids with nowhere to play. Education Secretary Michael Gove is under pressure, and we can stop the latest sale. Let’s end the school fields sell-off once and for all !!

Despite the Coalition’s promise to halt the sale of school land and a pledge from Cameron to prioritise school sports after the Olympics, the students at Elliott School are only the latest victims in a series of government broken promises. This is a government that would rather sell precious outdoor space to fund vital school maintenance, instead of investing in education.

But with the focus on school sports during the Olympics, Gove has been coming under increasing pressure. Despite earlier messages that Gove would approve the sale, now David Cameron himself has personally insisted that no decision has yet been taken. A national outcry can ensure these school fields are saved, and a line is drawn in the sand against any future sales. Sign the petition to Gove now and share with everyone:

Sign the petition

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