Elections update


The campaign is up and running and already taking a few strange turns.

We were expecting most, if not all, of the other local parties to have a go at this by-election, but I would have quoted long odds on the combination that are actually standing.

At the close of nominations, we find the opposition to our candidate, Gareth Harris, consists of:

  • MARTYN JONES – Labour – who does not live in Bettws, but lives in Coytrahen and was elected to Llangynwyd Lower Community Council just a few weeks ago in the May elections, so don’t expect to see him too often in Bettws. Seems strange, and rather sad, that Labour cannot find anyone to stand who actually lives in Bettws. It suggests that Labour are complacent enough to think that any candidate they put up will stroll in to the seat, and so are looking to do a favour for a member of the Party faithful. Bettws deserves better.
  • MATTHEW VOISEY – Conservative – Yes, you read right, a Conservative has decided to have a tilt at Bettws. Where was Matthew Voisey in May, you might well ask? The answer is he was comprehensively losing his Council seat in Oldcastle (Bridgend town centre), where he lives in Merthyr Mawr Road. So having been rejected by the constituents who had elected him and live around him, he is clearly desperate to make up the loss of income he is now facing from losing his seat, and sufficiently desperate to think that the people of Bettws may offer him a lifeline. Hilarious!
  • CATHERINE JONES – Independent – Again, the question has to be where was Catherine in May? Nowhere to be seen, is the answer. As far as we are aware, Catherine has never been involved in politics or any other form of campaigning, so it will be interesting to see what her agenda is. At least she lives in Bettws, and most Independent candidates for Councils have strong local interests. It is too early to judge whether Catherine is going to mount a serious challenge or whether she is just a chancer. Time will tell, but it seems odd that she has found the motivation to stand now when there was no sign of her just 3 months ago. Intriguing.

Where are PLAID CYMRU and the LIB DEMS ?

At least they are consistent. They could not be bothered in May. They cannot be bothered now.

Gareth ought to have a good chance against this opposition. He is Bettws born and bred, and has the full support of the Green Party at every conceivable level. He is not a career politician; he is a local boy who wants to be proud of where he lives and help create a better environment and more vibrant community for all who live there.

We are behind him all the way.


Ballot papers should be with all members by now. Please take the trouble to read the Candidates statements and look at their websites.

Inform yourself and vote.

Be cannot moan about poor turnouts in elections if we do not engage with our own internal elections.

More info here:



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