Green Party Autumn Conference 2012

Will be held at the Council House in Bristol:
College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR

From 7th-10th September.

As usual, there will be Bridgend Green Party contingent going for the Fri/Sat/Sun of Conference.

The unwaged will be asked to pay at the under £10,000 p.a income rate – which would be £28 for the Fri-Sun.

“Crash Space” accommodation is usually organised at £5 per night, but has not been confirmed as yet. Andy and Gareth used this at last Conference and had a great time crashing in an old church! Creche facilities are available FREE of charge to Party members.

More details here:

Book online
Print a postal booking form


for advance bookings received before 22 August:

Income guide per annum Fri/Mon per day Sat/Sun

Per day

All 4 days

Under £10,000 £8.00 £10.00 £30.00
£10-15,000 £12.00 £14.00 £47.00
£15-20,000 £16.00 £20.00 £64.00
£20-25,000 £20.00 £26.00 £82.00
£25-30,000 £24.00 £30.00 £100.00
£30-40,000 £30.00 £39.00 £125.00
£40-50,000 £40.00 £50.00 £160.00
£50,000+ £55.00 £70.00 £225.00

(Please note that fees on the door will be 25% higher. Bookings received after 22.08.12 will be processed at the door rate.)

As well as the usual workshops and plenaries on policy motions, a full and varied fringe programme has been booked, and we we will also learn the results of the Leadership elections.

Titles of fringes:
Digital rights: beyond ACTA
Co-operatives and the social economy in times :of economic difficulty – opportunities and challenges
Women by Name – For All Female Green Party members (Women only)
The new threat from road-building
Climate Emergency, Arctic Emergency : how the latest science must redefine policy goals
Regional parties: just for Euros or the key to our party’s future success?
Greens in power – administration, coalition, and influence
Canvassing Software Demonstration
Banks, Occupy and One Million Social Enterprise Jobs
Working title ‘Learning from the Scottish experience’
For Conference first timers
LGBTIQ Greens Introduction & AGM
How to maximise media coverage in your local area
Fair Pay Campus Campaign
Beyond Students: Engaging Young People
Green House: the green think tank: Post-growth project
New Economics Foundation: The Great Transition
Trident and Nuclear Abolition
Getting the Message Across (members only)
Global Greens Report
Ecocide the Missing Fifth Crime Against Peace
Meet your Green MP
Land Value Taxation (LVT): putting policy into practice
Extreme Energy – Our Next Big Crisis (Featuring Bridgend Green, Andy Chyba)
Greening the economy: graduate skills and sustainable development
Bioenergy sustainability
The great growth debate
Political Strategy Workshop
Green Party elections strategy
Preparing for 2013 County elections
Campaigning for the European election
Producing quality target Ward material
Taking the next steps in targeting
Stable Populations: An Essential Condition for Sustainable Development
Shifting the emphasis from Movement to Place – making the case for streets as great places to walk and cycle
Meet the Green Party Executive
The Future of the NHS (Featuring outgoing leader Caroline Lucas MP)
Improve your Campaigning with Common Cause
Community planning for a green future
Flying out of recession? How Greens can challenge airport expansion
A Green Voice in Europe – an update from your MEPs
Safe communications: how to avoid harmful or contradictory messages in campaigning
Decision making in local government – insights and experiences of administration in Brighton & Hove

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