Llandow Planning verdict response

As soon as the verdict was announced on Friday morning, and with Louise Evans out of the country, I had a deluge of requests for response interviews from local TV and radio.The BBC and ITV TV interviews ended up as quick sound bites (not available as yet in iPlayer), but I was pleased with the two in depth interviews broadcast on Radio Wales.

The first was broadcast on the lunchtime news bulletin:

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01kdrq2/The_Radio_Wales_PhoneIn_06_07_2012/ from 1:01:12 to 1:04:04

I was then called to the Llandaff studios for an interview on Good Evening Wales to respond directly to an interview they had recorded earlier in the day with Gerwyn Williams.


Gerwyn’s segment can be found between 32:15 and 38:52, but unfortunately, the second half of the programme is not playing at the moment.

When you listen to Gerwyn’ segment, most of you will be able to predict my response I would imagine.
The blatant lies about their focus being on conventional gas are clear from his focus on the potential for shale gas later in the piece, alongside the admission that they have the whole of South Wales, from the Loughor Estuary to Cardiff and the coast to Hirwaun, in their sights.

This battle may be lost, but my resolve to win the war is strengthened!


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