The cost of chaplaincy 2011/12

The Charitable Chaplaincy Campaign
The Wales-wide, cross-party campaign for a charitable hospital chaplaincy

Dear Andy,
We now have the total cost of religious care for the hospitals of Wales 2011/2012.
The figure is £1,325,425. The cumulative expenditure on religious care since we began collecting data is £6,527,686.
This money has been lost from nursing and medical care forever and it seems the loss will continue to grow at £1.3 million every year unless we can persuade the Senedd to make the Minister for Health, Social Care and Children examine this issue seriously.

The question we repeatedly ask the Minister is:-
Given that the Wales Air Ambulance Service depends entirely upon charitable funding, that the children’s hospice in Cardiff, Ty^ Hafen requires 80% charitable funding to continue operating, that the Children’s Hospital of Wales was built with 50% charitable funding (and continues to be supported in its running costs) and equipment for the oncology unit there was funded by a charity –
how can the Minister justify funding religious care in the hospitals of Wales from NHS budget when it could and should be funded by charity ?

I attach an updated version of our Proposal document. It is different from the previous version only in that it contains the 2011/12 data. There is a reason for this.
None of the leaders of the various branches of Christianity have been able to provide a moral counter-argument to our Proposal. The Minister has similarly been quite unable to justify the present arrangement. [If you would like the correspondence – email me.]

We need you to help in the campaign in a simple but effective way.
If you visit the Assembly website at the address below and enter your postcode you will obtain the names of all five of your Assembly Members.

Click on their names and you will find their email addresses.
Please send a brief email, in your own words, expressing your disapproval of this situation. We are fortunate in Wales to have such access to Assembly Members. Please use it to support our campaign.

Alan Rogers

Proposal 3.0.doc

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