Leadership candidates for the Green Party of England & Wales

Wales Green Party leader declares herself as a candidate to replace Caroline Lucas as GPEW leader.

She declared this on Facebook last night after I chatted to her about her name being bandied around by Green Left members. She announced it thus:

“Well everyone, it looks as though I am standing for Green Party leader England AND Wales. Its high time there was some healthy competition for this role, and Im hoping several people will put their name forward. The Greens need to open up the debate and forge a robust direction. Maybe I’m too straight talking for some, but I am prepared to stand up and tell it like it is.” 

Also declaring today is Peter Cranie, from the NW Region. I do not know a lot about him but he comes highly commended by some.

Of course, we all know Pippa well and it was good to have her visit us in Bridgend just a few months ago.
You can see and hear Peter declaring his candidacy here:


So far only Alex Phillips has declared as a candidate for Deputy Leader, which could be an issue as the Party Constitution specifies that Leader and Deputy cannot be of the same sex. She is a strong Green Left candidate from the Brighton area – and has been part of the big Green Party success story in that part of the country. See her campaign page here: http://www.alexfordeputy.org.uk/

I am aware that there are likely to be one or two more candidates. I am doing what I can behind the scenes to promote the candidacy of a couple of people in particular. Watch this space.


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