A new Age of Enlightenment

Among other things, this video illustrates the power of self-serving capitalist interests to diminish all our lives by inhibiting positive developments that threaten their grip on the fundamentals of life.

I have highlighted this many times before (e.g. https://bridgendgreens.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/industries-of-the-future/). There is an appalling myth that it takes capitalism to provide the capital to bring all of these life enhancing inventions to the masses. The truth is that under a capitalist system, those that hold the capital dictate what we end up having to put up with (VHS instead of Betamax etc), by not just dictating which projects get funded (fossil fuels instead of renewables), but also by controlling the media/advertising (Murdoch, Omnicom) and buying off potential competitors and Governments.

The other big myths perpetuated by capitalists is that prosperity can only be measured in monetary terms and we can progress through economic growth.

The sorts of developments illustrated in these videos would help provide energy, water and good food without the need for big business at all. No wonder they are running scared and sabotaging such things.

It is reminiscent of the Dark Ages and the Inquisition, when lives were controlled by the all powerful forces of religion. Intellectual challenges that threatened their status had to be forcibly suppressed (Galileo, Copernicus, Giordano Bruno).

We need a new Age of Enlightenment to herald in the positive changes that free us from the shackles of capitalism and corporate greed.

Ecosocialism offers such a way forward.


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