Electioneering update

Apologies to regular followers for the lack of postings in the last week or so.

We are in full electioneering mode and busy canvassing and leafleting in target wards.

We are getting a generally warm reception – although the prevailing mood among the electorate seems to be that of apathy and utter disenchantment with the whole political process. I predict very low turnouts – and this could actually prove beneficial to us as the disaffection is primarily with the parties in power. It could be very close indeed in one or two seats for us – so all to play for!

Our mini manifesto seems to be striking chords in many places – which is encouraging.


The recent flurry of national publicity on fracking has led to a few enquiries on what we know and have been doing about the issue. Our prominence in the national campaigning on this particular issue gives us added credibility.

So in these times of increasing despair and exasperation, the message has got be:

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