Vote for policies

With elections coming up again, I thought it would be interesting to revisit the website and see how the British public would vote if they actually voted on the basis of stated policies rather than for personalities, tactically or out of habit.

The sample size is now a very impressive 300,000 (almost) and it shows that on the basis of policy alone the Green party would actually be the biggest party with 23.67% of the vote overall.

Clicking on the ‘Parties & Policies’ tab reveals that the Green party scores the highest of all on Crime, Education and Environment (three issues that should resonate in Bridgend in the forthcoming local elections). We also come second highest on Democracy, Economy, Health/NHS and Welfare, meaning we score first or second in 7 out of 9 policy areas. (Labour manages 6 out of 9 top two ratings, Lib Dems 3, Tories 2)

Locally, looking at the Bridgend and Ogmore constituencies that make up Bridgend CBC, we come second to Labour in both – about 3 points behind.

I would encourage all to take the survey and vote out of conviction for the policies parties represent.

For those people who feel that Plaid Cymru should not be ignored, you can visit this alternative site:
The data I have seen would suggest that they would take more from Labour than they would from the Green Party, but their nationalist aspects would also pinch a few from parties like UKIP and the BNP, thereby not having much impact on the overall patterns shown.

Food for thought!

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