The Anti Fracking Network is launched

The National Fracking Gathering, that I helped co-ordinate along with Phil Thornhill of the Campaign Against Climate Change took place in Manchester, on Saturday from 10.00am to 6pm. There were around 70 delegates there from all parts of the UK and Ireland, along with BBC cameras, and independent film maker and numerous journalists, including the Guardian’s Fiona Harvey (who chaired meeting Louise and I attended in Westminster).

The main outcome was that we have established what is to be known as the Anti Fracking Network.

The idea I that small local groups like The Vale Says NO! can claim affiliation to this national network as a way of boosting credibility and gaining weight to their activities. It is hoped that this will be particularly useful in our efforts to push for a national moratorium/ban that we all recognise as the main goal.
It is also hoped that the AFN will be a way of connecting groups and sharing experience and resources.
We hope to run regular conference calls for delegates of each group; develop online tools and resources; and issue press releases.

There was a lot of awareness and interest in our experiences here in South Wales, such that the workshops I hosted were very well attended. I co-hosted these sessions with Laura Gyte, who is Friends of the Earth’s in-house solicitor. At about 4’10” we made quite a double act, and she is very keen to help and advise on the Public Inquiry. Tony Bosworth, who is FoE’s chief energy and climate change campaigner, is also following the case with interest and is encouraging Laura’s involvement. It was very encouraging to talk with them. Laura seems to think we still have plenty of scope to develop the case and prevail at the Public Inquiry.

Watch this space!

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