March 2012 is Move Your Money Month!

This is the month we act together to make banking better.

If you’ve been thinking about moving your money, now’s the time to get it off the ‘to do’ list and into the diary. Check out some of the inspiring stories from other pledgers on the homepage.

To build support for the campaign and better banking, during Move Your Money month we’ll be:

  • Launching a new guide to ethical ISAs to help you find an ISA that works for you and wider society
  • Supporting open day events at Credit Unions
  • Teaming up with NUS to launch their switching toolkit for Students Unions
  • Linking up with interested groups around the country and encouraging local action
  • Collecting your best ‘I’m cutting up my card now’ photos
  • Collecting signatures for an EDM

In the US it is estimated that 650,000 Americans moved their money in the 4 weeks leading up to ‘Bank Transfer Day’ on Nov 5th 2011. It’s now time for consumers in the UK to act together to create a better banking system!

What you can do

Pledging to move your money is the first step towards building a better, fairer and safer banking sector. The more of us that move our money, the greater the positive impact we can have.

Let your friends, family and colleagues know its time to take action – check out our template emails, flyers and posters.

Email Template:

Dear [insert name – personal emails work best] ,

I just pledged to Move My Money!

In doing so, I chose to make my money work for a banking sector that values ordinary people, small businesses and ethical and social responsibilities – not bulging bonuses, risky speculation, tax avoidance and unethical investments.

I’ll be moving my money on [insert date] . I think you should too!

Find out what all the fuss is about at

[your name]

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