Action for the record 1 million young people now unemployed

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Compass: Direction for the Democratic Left
Hi Andy —

I’m sure that you are as shocked as I am to hear the news that over 1 million of our young people are now jobless – with little hope of any new jobs being created for them any time soon. It has never been clearer that Plan A isn’t working and we urgently need to pile on the pressure for a Plan B.

Compass warned only weeks ago in our groundbreaking report Plan B: a good economy for a good society that if the Government persisted with Plan A then things would continue to get worse not better. Indeed the Bank of England has today dramatically slashed its growth forecast for 2012 to a mere 1% – further evidence that Plan A isn’t working.

We urgently need the Government to take a more active approach and adopt emergency and common-sense measures that can quickly save jobs and create new ones. The alternative is the very real prospect of a double-dip recession.

This is why we need people to take action now and sign our petition for a Plan B and spread the word:

Firstly, we want you to share the petition page again on Facebook, Twitter and to your personal email list:

Secondly, if you haven’t already, sign the petition yourself:

On the day the Government broke a new record for youth unemployment, a day when the wider unemployment rate topped a 15 year high and a day when the Bank of England slashed its growth forecasts – we need you to once again spread the word on the urgent need for a Plan B.

In the run up to the Chancellor’s autumn statement we will be stepping up the pressure – please help by taking action now.

Thanks for all the work you do.


PS: If you’re not yet a member of Compass, then don’t forget if you join before Saturday 3 December you will receive a hard copy of the new publication Plan B: a good economy for a good society in your welcome pack:


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