Support my village’s struggle against biofuels land grabbing

It is not just the fossil fuel companies that are in it for the money – and screw the locals who get in the way!

Biofuels have been getting a real bad press. There is potential for it to make a contribution to our energy needs, but as ever it needs careful management and cannot be entrusted to private sector capitalists, or else it can present the sort of nightmares presented below:

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Dear Andrew

In the video below, Mariam Shabani, 13, tells you how her village had its land grabbed by UK company Sun Biofuels. Now, they often go hungry and have to walk miles for water.

Watch the video now
>> Watch the video and send a message to Mariam and the families of Kisarawe

Your message will be delivered straight to Mariam’s village, to show people we are with them in their struggle.

In August, Sun Biofuels was sold to a new company. We are hopeful that we can work with them to help Mariam and her community get justice.

If you’d like to find out more about the campaign you can read this expose in the Guardian.

Thank you for your support,

Josie Cohen,
ActionAid biofuels campaigner

PS. Thank you to the thousands of you who signed the petition to stop the global biofuel land grab. It’s a powerful message to politicians that will help stop biofuel companies grabbing land from communities like Mariam’s.

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