Sarah Wood’s new radio play – The State of Water

Fabulous blend of factual documentary and fictional drama about the most precious commodity on the planet, set in a Welsh context. Check out this new play by award winning writer, fellow fractivist, and good friend to The Vale Says No! team and Bridgend Greens:

6 thoughts on “Sarah Wood’s new radio play – The State of Water

  1. Mervyn Jones

    My wife and I listened to this play whilst on a journey to Wales. We feel that that the play was a powerful piece to remind us all of the importance of water. We would like to share Sarah’s play with others in our circle. To that end is there any intention to publish the play so that we can purchase copies for distribution as Christmas/birthday presents to family and friends? Unfortunately we missed the iplayer deadline to hear the play again and recommend others to do the same.Congratulations to Sarah, let’s have more like this.


  2. Liz Shields

    I would also like a copy of the play to enlighten us on all the issues the play raises about our use of water in my U3A Environment Group
    Please forward my request to Sarah along with congratulations at having written such a brilliant and well researched work
    Liz Shields



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