Happy first birthday for the Bridgend Greens blog!!!

If you check out the archive, the first ever posting to this blog was 25th October 2010, so its birthday was yesterday!!!

It had cause to celebrate for another reason yesterday as it achieved its highest ever daily hits yesterday too!

Yesterday we achieved 129 hits – mostly looking at the recent fracking success stories.

Overall, in its first year, we have seen:

  • 275 articles posted
  • 5230 hits (over 100 per week on average)
  • 62 comments posted
  • Busiest day = 25th October (129 hits)
  • Busiest week = Week 13 of 2011- last week of March (289 hits)
  • Busiest month = September 2011 (843 hits – this month is currently 145 behind)

All these figures are trending upwards, so please keep coming back and feel free to comment and contribute.


Send your postings to: greenblog@chyba.go-plus.net

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