Major step forward in campaign against fracking

I have just returned from a tremendously successful evening participating in the Vale of Glamorgan’s Scrutiny Committee Meeting on fracking.

Representations were made by:

  • Coastal Oil & Gas Ltd
  • Environment Agency
  • Welsh Water
  • Prof Cartwright, Cardiff University
  • Cowbridge Residents Group
  • CPRW
  • Denis Campbell – UK Progressive Magazine
  • Me and Louise Evans for ‘The Vale Says No!’

We really had Coastal Oil & Gas on the ropes most of the night, and it was good to see the Environment Agency getting a rough ride too. As for Prof Cartwright, I thought he was there as the ‘frackers friend’ – but his contributions were feeble.

The evening culminated in an unexpected coup. A member of the Scrutiny Committee proposed that the Vale of Glamorgan Council be requested to declare itself in favour of a moratorium and, further, to call on the Council to lobby both the Welsh Government and Westminster for a moratorium too.

This was put to the vote and was passed unanimously by the entire Scrutiny Committee!!

Many of this Committee will be sitting on the Planning Committee meeting on Thursday which will decide the fate of Coastal Oil & Gas’ test drilling application at Llandow.

Watch this space!

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