Llandow decision deferred until after a site visit

There was a good turn out to protest ahead of the Vale Planning meeting tonight that drew fabulous coverage on the BBC, and a reasonable mention on ITV news.


Louise Evans put in a great performance on camera – she really is getting more and more like Erin Brokovich by the day!

It was also good to see Bridgend Greens making the effort to travel down to Barry – John and Trish are prominent banner bearers on the TV coverage.
Many thanks to all who made the effort.

The TV coverage again had Councillor Kemp re-stating his desire to have the issue dealt with at, at least, a regional level – i.e. by the Welsh Government – so it was no surprise that they decided to buy themselves more time by deciding they need a site visit before deciding what to do. This is highly unlikely to give them any greater information than they already have before them, but the tactic worked last time around when Coastal Oil & Gas pulled their application and let them off the hook of having to make a decision. This time we are all looking for some leadership from the Welsh Government to take some initiative, but given Carwyn Jones’ steadfast refusal to get involved at all – he has failed to utter a single word on the fracking issue to my knowledge and ignored invites and representations in his constituency – it is hard to see who will do the right thing in Cardiff Bay.

So the fight goes on.

Watch this space.

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