Support The Vale Says No!’s protest in Barry on Thursday

Thursday, September 29 · 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Civic Offices

Holton Rd
Barry, United Kingdom

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More Info:
Please join us in a peaceful protest outside the Civic Offices in Barry before the planning committee meet to discuss the outcome of the planning application to test drill for Shale Gas in Llandow.

It’s still not too late to show the planners how much we object and how much we all say no. The more people we can get along, the better as there will be media attending to report the story.

After the protest, please join us in the planning meeting to listen to what the planning committee have to say.

This is a public meeting but we are not allowed to speak, so if you do come, please respect the protocol and remain quiet.

This could be a watershed moment not just for the local campaign but for how the campaign evolves across the country as a whole.
Councillor Kemp, leader of the Vale Council has already publicly declared his view that his planners are not adequately expert on this issue and that it should be passed on to the Welsh Government .
In this context, it would be pretty disgraceful for the Planning Committee to decide they can approve it.
They have two valid options, I believe. They can reject it on the precautionary principle that should hold sway when their is great uncertainties, or take a real stand and back their leader by refusing to make a decision and insisting that the Welsh Government deal with it.
Whatever the outcome – it is going to interesting!! So be there if you can!

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