Compass encourages Labour / Green Party co-operation

Food for thought here. Personally, I think this reflects not so much the Labour movement looking at the Green Party position on sustainability etc. – but more a realisation that the Green Party is the most credible left-of-centre/socialist party in Britain today.

Reviews a new e-book by Compass (the UK’s most influential left-of-centre pressure group), Good Society / Green Society? The Red-Green Debate. The collection of essays hopes to stimulate deeper discussion between greens and the broader progressive movement, both within and outside the Labour party.


In one of the opening contributions to the book, Victor Anderson (former environment advisor in Ken Livingstones Cabinet) argues that these are auspicious times for red-green relations. Gone are the days, he writes, when socialists used to reject environmentalism as merely a bourgeois distraction; the state of the planet has got too bad to support that view any more. Instead,

although social democracy still has more impact in the world than green politics does, the greens are no longer the poor relation in the dialogue that they once were, and they have a clarity which many on the left envy.

Socialist thinking has been in decline for twenty years, but the green analysis has become sharper as the scientific evidence base for ecological problems has grown.


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