Update on Pippa Bartolotti and the ‘flytilla’

Keith Ross reports:

The situation is a little confused as we have also had reports that Pippa made it through. At one point she was interviewed by RT (Russian English Language News Channel) in the arrivals lounge – but she may have been subsequently arrested.

One report described the arrests as “rough”, whereas the latest report from inside one of the prisons indicates that the detainees are being treated well.

You can follow the developing situation on the Swansea Action for Palestine site: http://www.swanseapalestine.org/

We’re expecting the detainees to be returned to the UK either today or tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Update on Pippa Bartolotti and the ‘flytilla’

  1. Nigel Hill

    The FO report that Pippa (and others?) should be repatriated in the next 72 hrs. She had been detained in Ben Gurion detention centre not Beersheba Prison like some others and she does have legal representation.

    Easyjet have agreed to fly them back.


    1. Nigel Hill

      That was yesterday, today (12th July) the FO have confirmed that she is one of 3 that has refused to sign papers to go back. I have said that if there is no possibility of going to Gaza then she must pull back. I have also advised them of her medical needs.

      Frankly I believe that she would take more notice of what others might advise, do you want me to give her a message from the Green Party?



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