Responses to Eden Energy’s ‘Gas Bonanza’ press release

Peter Law of the Western Mail/Echo invited me and Louise (Vale Says No campaign) to comment on this report:
Entitled : “Eden Energy prospective UK gas resources are world class”

Our responses:

That there is huge potential gas resources under South Wales and several other parts of the UK is not surprising and not really news. It does nothing to alter the arguments against the proposed exploitation of this resource on two principal grounds.
Firstly, in order to extract anywhere near the figures they are quoting they will have to undertake extensive fracking operations all over the region. There will be accidents and mishaps. The consequences of these accidents and mishaps can be immediate and dramatic (blow-outs etc), but even more worrying is the long term insidious consequences as concrete linings and bungs degrade and there are slow seepage of the toxic chemicals over years and decades and longer. The dire consequences of even trace contamination of water supplies with chemicals used are well known and have been witnessed and documented.
Secondly, there is the impact on the whole direction of energy policy. This is a relatively quick fix solution to the growing energy crisis that merely delays the restructuring of our energy resources onto a renewable footing and perpetuates all the damaging consequences of fossil fuel use towards the catastrophes that are ever closer. We have the know how to eliminate the need for fossil fuels altogether – we simply lack the political will and the entrepreneurial imagination to make it happen. This is what Eden Energy need to focus on if their Eden name is to have any meaning.
Andy Chyba

This report is indeed of a concern to us, but it is difficult to decipher what is fact and what is a part of their PR machine. There is nothing to stop Eden from over exaggerating the potential reserves of gas in South Wales to add weight to their argument to drill. Eden are parties with Coastal Oil and Gas, so it is obviously in their interest to publish this report as they have a huge investment already in South Wales. No one knows for sure what is underneath us until they extract it. These are private companies set to make a lot of money out of shale gas, so everything I hear from them is taken with a pinch of salt and a large dose of bias. There is so much evidence linking fracking to some horrendous consequences that we are still convinced that the risks are just far too great!
Louise Evans

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