The Fracking fight in Bridgend County is gaining momentum

The old news about the permission to grant test drilling permission in the Llynfi Valley has made the news as Plaid Cymru get accused of scaremongering by Mel Nott. It is good to see them finally get involved and we can hopefully unite in this cause and shake Labour out of its complacency to date.

Incidentally, our old friend Nick ‘Greedy’ Grealy is first to comment on the article. He must be beginning to see the fortune he hoped to make slipping through his fingers. It will interesting see how desperate he gets.

MPs are beginning to wise up to the inadequacies of the Tim Yeo led Shale Gas Report. The tide is beginning to run strongly in our favour in this fight:

The Co-operative are also delivering on their promises of support, so watch this space for news of a high profile event in Bridgend before too long.

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