Letter to Glamorgan Gazette re: Laughable Conservative election leaflet

I cannot be the only person to have found the latest election communication from Bridgend Conservatives laughable, surely! I have met Alex Williams and found him to be a reasonable and intelligent young man, so I struggle to believe he can be happy to be associated with such a ridiculous and shameless piece of propaganda.

I quote from the leaflet that landed on my doormat: “Alex Williams is committed to protecting frontline health services from Labour’s £1 billion cuts”. I had to double-check. Yes, this is a Conservative talking. I am sorry Alex, you cannot expect anyone to take this seriously. This may be an election for the Welsh Assembly, but you cannot be so utterly at odds the actions of Westminster Conservatives in government.

There is of course, very little difference between Conservatives and Labour over the issue of public service cuts. Both are intent on decimating the services that the poor and vulnerable rely on. It is an absolute lie to say that there is no alternative to these cuts. The Green Party offer fully costed alternatives that would fully protect these services. How would we make ends meet? By stopping tax evasion, especially by big business and the super-rich. By reforming the tax system to ensure the tax burden properly reflects people’s ability to pay, and also makes polluters pay for the consequences of their actions. By slashing defence spending so that a relatively small country like the UK does not have the 4th biggest defence budget in the entire world (to fund us meddling in the affairs of other countries). By creating jobs that create tax payers, instead of putting people out of work to become a burden on the nation’s finances.

The readers of this paper have a rare opportunity on the 5th May. They can stick with the different shades of right-of-centre politics offered by Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems on the first constituency ballot paper, but then they can try voting, on the second regional ballot paper, for what they have traditionally always wanted and always known is best for Wales – a left of centre party that will properly look after the interests of the workers, the less well off and the disadvantaged – the Green Party.

The message to all with a genuine concern for protecting the NHS, and other public services, from Conservative and Labour cuts, is vote Green on the second regional ballot. That includes you, Alex, if you would only recognise it.
Andy Chyba
Bridgend Green Party

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