Latest coverage and international support

Great coverage in today’s Echo: Quotes Andy extensively

Support from Canada:

Support from France: Post #18 here: (loving their website name!)


We have the same problem in France, but due to a very concerted campaign anyone who is anyone(or wants to be anyone) from local mayors to mainstream politicians is turning away and saying Non!. It is a real vote loser here.

There is a national day of protest next weekend (17th April) with demos and marches all over France and this is not the usual trawler and tractor blockades, this is huge numbers of real people.

I know it is different in UK, there is little in the way of protest from what I can see. The gas co.s have been keeping a low profile but are starting to fight back (especially Mark Miller of Cuadrilla drilling in Blackpool) and pro-gas websites are springing up. As one of the first groups to appear I suggest you contact other environmental groups (Greenpeace and FOE local branches etc) and try and get some sort of coalition of anti-shale groups, assemble some resources and gang up on the gas companies.

Have a look at my site (shale is schiste in French)

It is more of a fanzine that your very grown-up looking site but there is some useful stuff on it. If you want to steal anything from it feel free.


Support from New Zealand:

Say No To Fracking in New Zealand is a group set up to network among people who are passionate about the whenua, Fracking(hydraulic fracturing) may become a common practice within the oil industry so pressure must be asserted on the govt to stop this destructive mining process.

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