Anti-Fracking meeting in Llantwit Major last night + what is next

Another well attended meeting in the Llantonian Hall last night. We had cameras from BBC and ITV present, along with a Western Mail journalist. We got a good snippet on BBC Breakfast news – including a clip of Louise Evans from the ValeSaysNo campaign. Look out for other media coverage. 

Jane Hutt AM made a brief appearance pledging her unreserved support for the cause. She is the first Labour politician to show any interest in the issue at all, and she clearly heard that there has been a big response to the issue amongst the locals last week. Votes at stake as she seeks re-election! Pretty cynical and none too convincing. Not a word on this issue on her website or Facebook page: It is clear that WAG is the body that has to grasp the nettle with this issue, as it is a devolved matter. How she shapes up on this issue after May 5th will be telling.

I shared the platform with Conservative Alun Cairns MP. To be fair, he picked up on the issue relatively early and has demonstrated consistent and seemingly genuine support for the cause. He is not standing for re-election to WAG, to focus on his role as Vale MP. He has to step up to the plate and get this matter a higher profile at a national level. His efforts to date in Westminster appear somewhat timid:

I talked about the lessons we can learn from what Cuadrilla are up to near Blackpool and went through the full range of threats and implications. Alun Cairns and I then shared responses to questioning from the audience. We actually complemented each other surprisingly well. He acknowledged my greater technical understanding, whereas he clearly has a better appreciation of parliamentary/WAG procedures. We were pretty much united in our general thrusts.

Next up?
1. PUBLIC MEETING – Including representatives of proposers Coastal Oil & Gas Ltd, from Bridgend.

Time: Monday, April 11 · 7:00pm – 9:30pm Location; Bear Hotel, Cowbridge High Street 

2. Join the ‘Vale Says No’ Peaceful Protest 14th April 2011

Vale residents, we appeal to you to help us oppose the application to test drill for gas by joining us in a peaceful protest on 14th April 2011 (time tbc – likely to be mid afternoon).
Invite your friends, make banners, bring your kids, but please remember this is a peaceful protest. We are not trying to intimidate committee members we just want to show them just how much we dont want Gas Drilling in Llandow.

Please see our event listing on Facebook here

Our protest will be held at the proposed gas drilling site at the Vale Industrial Estate, Llandow, Vale of Glamorgan which can be found here (green arrow),-3.500508&num=1&sll=51.438922,-3.500433&sspn=0.0043,0.009474&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=51.439029,-3.499231&spn=0.016051,0.025749&z=14&source=embed

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