Fracking Campaign Update

The meeting called by local residents in Llandow last night was a huge success. The Hall was packed out and there were more people present than homes in Llandow (est 70-80)! And all at less than 48 hours notice. 

I was happy to accept the invitation to be the principal speaker. I outlined what is involved, what has been seen to go wrong and what is at stake. I stressed that this was an issue far beyond the immediate environs of Llandow and that even if this proposal was defeated, there will be more, and even those some distance away can pose threats. This has to be more than a NIMBY protest, and I think that was well understood by the end.

The people of Llandow are prepared to lead the way in making this the huge issue it needs to become. Another local resident has already booked a bigger venue in Llantwit Major, the LLantonian Hall, for another public meeting next Wednesday at 7pm. In light of the proposals that have come to light again in Bridgend CBC, near Llangynwyd/Bettws and Maesteg, we ought to strive to support this meeting and campaign. Let me know if any body would like a lift.

I have also initiated dialogue with St Donats Art Centre with a view to getting them to screen GASLAND in their cinema. This film graphically illustrates what is at stake and shows the lessons we need to learn from mistakes stateside. Details as and when I get them. The film is also available on DVD (hire: ; buy: )

I have formally requested the Call In of the Cwmdu, Maesteg proposal by WAG. Unfortunately, in undertaking this exercise, I uncovered another application for a site roughly half way between Llangynwyd and Bettws (if you draw a straight line between the two). This has got under my radar and was granted ‘temporary approval’ on 10th March. Temporary approval means, in this case, that they only have initial permission to operate for a period of three months after drilling commences.

Various press releases have been issued by Bridgend and the Vale Green Parties and the regional media, as well as the local media are beginning to sit up and take notice.
I missed this BBC Wales story at the time it was broadcast recently:
This is a largely a rehash of an old newsnight story (posted before), but it was interesting to hear quotes from Bridgend based Coastal Oil & Gas Ltd. ‘Too deep to be a problem‘ they say. Absolute nonsense. ‘Fracking not responsible for the problems in North America’ they say. This denial of the evidence on a par with the flat earth nutters. ‘Potentially life changing’ they say. Spot on!! But not in the ways they mean, I suspect.

I have also been in dialogue with a Western Mail / South Wales Echo journalist, Peter Law, who is following the story, but with a curious focus just on just Llandow it seems. He is telling me that they will be running a story tomorrow (Wednesday). Look out for that.

More soon – no doubt!

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