Rash of Fracking proposals is proving hard to keep track of!!

I have just submitted a Call In request to Wag for the Test drilling application at Cwmdu just outside Maesteg and in going through the documentation for this I stumbled across one that has just received ‘Temporary Approval’ at Cwmcedfyw farm, which is (yet again, tucked away in the middle of nowhere half way between Llangynwyd and Bettws.

This one was submitted by UK Methane Ltd back in November last year and was granted its approval on 10th March, just gone.

We really are going to have to think about how to deal with this situation from now on.

I have nade this point in my submissions:

The reason I initially wanted all coal bed methane applications called in should be becoming clear by now. We are facing a scattering of proposals that could occur at almost any random spot across the South Wales Coalfield area (and bit beyond), at any time and from a wide range of PEDL licence holders, across numerous planning authorities. Dealing with each one separately is crazy and is only going to increase the probability of nasty consequences somewhere. As the consequences are so far reaching, some joined up thinking is desperately needed.

The powers that be are still insisting that each separate application has be addressed individually. If they are not going to join up their thinking we will have to join up ours and work out how best to raise the profile of the issue.

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