Approach for help campaigning against fracking at Llandow

APPROACH March 3 at 7:13pm

Hi Andrew, I saw your name on a news story about the proposed Gas drilling in Llandow. I live in a nearby village, my parents farm the land on Llandow and we have 2 businesses on Llandow. As you can imagine, I am completely against the current planning application and want to do all I can to raise awareness. I have set up this page

Would you be interested in doing something together on this?

I am away at the moment, but will be back on Sunday. Got plans for a website, petition, flyers….. Protests if it comes to it.

Thanks for your time,

REPLY March 3 at 9:16pm

Hi Louise,
For sure, we will do all we can to help you fight this proposal. We have seen Centrica back out in Bridgend County (but not elsewhere as yet). Our resources are limited, but along with the Vale of Glamorgan Greens I am sure we can achieve something.

The proposal at Llandow is by a Bridgend company called Coastal Oil & Gas, so I am keen to get after them in particular.

We should meet up sometime next week.

Best wishes, Andy

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