GASLAND – Oscar nominated ‘fracking movie in Cardiff

The Chapter Arts Centre is showing GASLAND at the following times:

Fri 25th Feb. 8.15pm
Sat 26th Feb, 5.45pm
Tue 1st Mar. 8.30pm
Wed 2nd Mar 6.15pm
Thu 3rd Mar 8.30pm

It is a MUST SEE film for all who want to understand why we should be so concerned about the proposed fracking in Bridgend County everyone in Llangeinor, Lewistown, Ognore Vale, Blackmill, Bettws, and Bridgend itself should see this movie!!

(There is a version with russian subtitles on youTube, but it is probably contravening copyright, so please go see it on the big screen – its production values justify it!)

For more on fracking – especially locally:

And it has just been nominated for an OSCAR too! Yesterday it was announced that Gasland has been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. UK film critics have hailed Gasland as Powerful, disturbing and important (The Sunday Mirror) and Essential viewing (The Observer), to name but a few.

More details of the film and cinema can be found here:

(I am provisionally planning to go on the Friday night, after Conference, as it is only a mile or so away from the Conference venue – Andy)

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