How indignant are you are about obscene bankers’ bonuses?

DAVID Cameron has completely caved in to millionaire bankers as they prepare to lavish themselves with bumper bonuses. 

Barclays boss Bob Diamond has lined up a £9million payout for himself one of the worlds largest bonuses.

Stephen Hester, chief executive of bailed-out RBS ( which owns Nat West) is in line for a bonus of £2million, out of our pockets.

Similarly, former Lloyds boss Eric Daniels will take home £2million.

Stuart Gulliver, the new head of HSBC, is set to get at least £8million.

Appalling, isn’t it?

I only hope you are not too indignant about it if you still bank with any of these banks yourselves; after all you are willingly contributing to these bonuses.

There are many more ethical alternatives for you to choose from:

We all need to walk the walk as well as talking the talk on this and many other issues. Think about it – and then do something about it!

The current money system is inextricably based on unsustainable lending as these fantastic videos explain (with thanks to Noel Thomas for the recommendation): (MONEY AS DEBT II)

DVD of Money as Debt available from Andy or Noel.

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