Green Party Conference volunteering

From: Eamonn Ward
Date: 24/01/2011 09:00:07
To: Andy Chyba
Subject: Green Party Conference volunteering 


Thanks for offering. The information on volunteering is below. I am now up to 26 volunteers so you may go on the reserve list and I don’t need any further appeals. However, I do need locals for Thursday afternoon so if you could ask Bridgend GP members if they can do 1500 to 1800 then that would be great.

The intention is always to use local members with their local knowledge but the appeals seem to have gone out late within Wales GP.


Thank you for volunteering to help at the Spring Green Party conference at the Angel Hotel Cardiff from Friday 25 February to Monday 28 February. Anyone who volunteers to do a maximum 3 hour shift will get free entry into conference for that day. Training will be given as required. Help is needed as follows :

Front of house desk : You will be registering delegates on arrival and give information to delegates on all aspects of conference including local amenities. There will be very busy peaks at the start of each day and quiet points mainly in the afternoon. In the final shorter shift from 1755 to 2000 the main task will be to return badge deposits.

Stewards : You will help delegates find their way round the venue and answer their questions on all aspects of conference. You will also pass on knowledge of local amenities outside of the conference building.

Setting up and closing down : Help will be needed early Friday and mid afternoon Monday on a variety of tasks.

Conference preparation : We will need a team of 3 to 4 local volunteers to help stuff folders and do other preparatory tasks

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