The War You Don’t See

John Pilger’s film ‘The War You Don’t See’ , screened on ITV late last night, confirmed all my very worst fears about British foreign policy and military involvement in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. Everyone should be forced to watch every second of it before going anywhere near a ballot box again.

It is too easy for people that voted for Blair, and the Tories who supported his warmongering, to claim they were deceived. It is even more inexcusable for the warmongers themselves to claim the same thing. Since when did this become an acceptable excuse for murder, theft, vandalism and the vast litany of other crimes committed in our names?

The video is available here

I have ordered a copy and you can borrow from me.
It also raises other issues we should be thinking about, such as the role of the media and the possible impact of video games on modern warfare.

The impact of modern warfare on civilian populations is appalling

% of total casualties that were civilians

  • Word War 1 = 10%
  • World War 2 = 50%
  • Vietnam War = 70%
  • Iraq War = 90%

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