Swansea Meeting guest speaker: “YES to Fairer Votes”

Iestyn Davies, Wales Organiser for the “YES to Fairer Votes” campaign made a passionate appeal for support for a YES vote in favour of AV in the referendum next May.

The Green Party announced from its conference in Birmingham last September that the party would join the Yes campaign.

Many proponents of electoral reform have expressed doubts about supporting AV (the Additional Vote system), on the grounds that AV is not a proportional voting system and therefore its introduction would not be a thorough reform and may actually prolong the wait for a properly proportional system.

But Green Party conference agreed to take a firm line in favour of AV in the referendum, as an initial step in the right direction and to demonstrate an “appetite for change”.

The party’s deputy leader Adrian Ramsay commented: “We want everyone who favours electoral reform to put their full weight behind the Yes campaign.”

“A Yes vote would bring a step in the right direction and demonstrate an appetite for change. Greens and others who want a fair, inclusive proportional way of voting will then continue to campaign for further reform.”

Personally, I am not totally convinced that this is the best strategy. What do you think? (Please use the comments facility)


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