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Bridgend Greens take inspiration from Polish Greens

First Green ever in a regional parliament in Poland

Yesterday local and regional elections took place in Poland. We learn from the very first results that the Greens gained seats in the councils of Warsaw, Poznan, and Opole. The co-partyleader was elected in the regional parliament of Silesia, and most probably the Greens also won one seat in the regional parliament of West Pomerania.

Being of Polish descent myself, I think we can truly take inspiration from these results, here in South Wales, as these results were unimaginable just a few years ago.

We need to press ahead to secure our own breakthroughs at the WAG elections next year and the Council elections in 2012. I truly believe that the first Green Councillor in Wales will be here in Bridgend.


Bridgend EAGM – Elected Officers

Elected Officers:
The constitutionally essential roles were filled as follows: 

  • Chair (encompassing the roles of Co-ordinator, Contact Person and PPERA second officer) = ANDY CHYBA
  • Treasurer = NEIL ROGERS
  • Elections Officer (encompassing the roles of Nominating Officer, Election Agent and Internal Elections Returning Officer) = DELYTH MILLER

In addition, the role of Minutes Secretary was accepted by TRICIA HUGHES

Other positions were discussed as desirable to be filled at a later date.

There was a healthy and enthusiastic discussion of strategy for the upcoming WAG elections in 2011 and the BCBC elections in 2012.

  • DoNM tbc
  • Swansea Meeting on Tuesday 6th December all welcome to accompany Andy

Highlights from the Wales Green Party AGM on Saturday

Welsh Assembly Government Budget Cuts:

Wales Green Party notes:
1. That in the WAG budget of 17 November 2010 social housing, higher education, the economy and environment departments bore the greatest level of cuts, whilst road spending was maintained at still significant levels.

2. Notes with particular regret the proposal to cut WAG budgets on environment and climate change and sustainability at a time when there is general agreement that global warming is the greatest threat ever faced

3. These cuts have been forced on the Assembly by the coalition government in the CSR

Wales Green Party believes:
1. That WAG cuts to Higher Education and Social Housing investment are misguided
2. The WAG cuts to environment and climate change are a false economy and will harm our ability to develop the low carbon economy of the future so important for creating green jobs, tackling climate change and preparing for increases in energy and raw material costs
3. That spending on road expansion remains too high and should only be used for safety reasons and maintenance.
4. That the cuts to public spending are not necessary and could be avoided with progressive taxation and investment in the Green New Deal.

Wales Green Party resolves
1. To instruct the General Secretary to write to WAG expressing these views and asking for WAG to reconsider these cuts.
2. To maintain its opposition to the rationale for public spending cuts

Higher Education and Tuition Fees:

Wales Green Party notes:
1. That 50,000 students marched in London on 10 November opposing tuition fee rises and higher education cuts
2. The Browne Review called for tuition fees to be uncapped and all public funding contribution towards courses to be ended
3. The Government has announced plans for tuition fees of up to £9000 with almost all public funding to end.
4. A report from the Higher Education Policy Institute found that the Governments proposals would not save any money and would result 80% of graduates paying more than under the current system.

Wales Green Party believes:
1. Higher education is a public good and should be funded by the state

2. That we should applaud the students who marched, leading the fight back against the cuts and we support the next day of action on the 24th November.

3. That WAG should resist higher university fees in Wales

Wales Green Party resolves:
1. That the Leader will write to WAG asking that fees not rise in Wales.

2. That Green AMs will vote against higher university fees in Wales.

A new way of teaching maths

From rockets to stock markets, many of humanity’s most thrilling creations are powered by math. So why do kids lose interest in it? Conrad Wolfram says the part of math we teach — calculation by hand — isn’t just tedious, it’s mostly irrelevant to real mathematics and the real world. He presents his radical idea: teaching kids math through computer programming.

Wales Green Party’s Christmas Market

We are delighted to invite you to Wales Green Partys Christmas Market taking place on Saturday 11th December at Canton Uniting Church, Cowbridge Road East, Cardiff, CF5 1LQ* from 11:00 am to 4:30 PM.

A variety of Welsh stalls will offer you:

– Fairtrade clothes
– Wood crafts
– Chocolate truffles
– Board games
– Wooden toys
– Henna
– Jewellery
– Minced pies and cakes
– And a tasty vegetarian Christmas Lunch!

A great opportunity to socialize, have lunch and fill your Christmas basket!

Free entry, indoor venue

*Canton Uniting Church Hall is at the corner of Cowbridge Road East and Theobald Road, next to Co-Op supermarket buses 17, 18, 60, 13 and 96.

Hope to see you all there.

Yvan Maurel
Wales Green Party
02920 310 306
07527 539 778

Dates for your diary

  • EAGM – next week – Thursday 18th November – 7.30pm in the Haywain Function Room, Bridgend
  • Swansea Meeting – Tuesday 7th December – 7.30pm in the Environment Centre, Swansea
  • The Greens’ Christmas Market – Saturday 11th December – 11am – 4.30pm Canton Uniting Church Hall, Cardiff
  • Bridgend Meeting – Thursday 16th December – 7.30pm
  • Green Party National Conference – Friday 25th to Monday 28th February – Angel Hotel, Cardiff

Further details on all events available from Andy:
Mobile 078 1066 3241
Landline 01656 647314

Greens on course to win 1st AM according to poll

ITV/YouGov poll puts Greens on 9% in South Wales Central. 

Wales Green Party have welcomed the ITV Wales Yougov (1) opinion poll giving the Greens 9% in South Wales Central National Assembly Region putting the party on target to elect its 1st Assembly Member in the region comprising Cardiff, the Vale and Rhondda Valleys. Greens received 6.4% across the Region the last time an election was held using proportional representation during the 2009 European elections with 8% across Cardiff. For Greens to make history and be elected to the Assembly for the first time they would need to receive between 7 and 8% across South Wales Central.

Jake Griffiths Wales Green Party Leader said”The Yougov poll gives Greens real hope of electing our first Green Assembly Members in next years elections. Greens in the Welsh Assembly would be joining Caroline Lucas who was elected as Britain’s first Green MP in this year’s General Election and Green Colleagues in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the European Parliament.”

He continued “Green AMs are needed to challenge the devastating cuts to public services being imposed by Westminster and to get Wales onto the path for a low-carbon economy. Our policies would create jobs to beat the recession as well as tackling climate change effectively, and these ideas must be heard in the Assembly chamber if we hope for them to become reality. Caroline Lucas, our first MP has already made her place in asking difficult questions that MPs from the old parties shy away from. Green AMs would continue this tradition in truly holding the Welsh Government to account.”


The National Assembly Elections are conducted using the Additional Member System. 40 AMs are elected in the same way as Westminster elections. 20 more ‘top-up’ AMs are elected across 5 regions of Wales to compensate for parties who missed out on constituencies. This means that small parties gaining around 7% of the vote can elect Assembly Members on the regional ballot.

Press release re WAG candidates

(Published in The Gem)

The Green Party have finalised their candidates for the South Wales West Regional List for the Assembly Elections in 2011.


Two of the four candidates are from Bridgend Green Party which, considering South Wales West covers seven parliamentary constituencies, is indicative of the resurgent fortunes of Bridgend Green Party.

Andy Chyba has been the prime mover in re-establishing the Green Party in Bridgend and is one of the candidates. He describes himself as a libertarian leftie who was drawn to the party by the realisation that social justice and environmental issues are inextricably linked. As he taught geography for twenty years he has a sound understanding of such matters. He currently teaches literacy and numeracy skills to the long-term unemployed so he also understands how the current education and economic systems are failing people.

Andy says, “We need to recognise that the current education system was designed in Victorian times and simply does not prepare people for the world we live in today. On one hand we have shameful levels of functional illiteracy in our adult population, while on the other hand we have thousands of well-qualified graduates burdened with enormous lifelong debt and dire job prospects.

“Our whole political system is driven by the needs of big business and an economy built on the shifting sands of financial services that only truly ever serve their own interests rather than mine or yours.

“It is time to re-direct our focus to the needs of individuals, families and communities, especially those struggling to see a way forward in these depressing times. The Green Party offers a fresh approach that is optimistic, sustainable and fair. It is based on reducing inequalities and investing in job creation in the industries of the future here in South Wales. Every Green vote is important to building the pressure for a different, better way of doing things.”

Delyth Miller is the other Bridgend Green on the list of candidates. Delyth is a single mum with two children living in Bettws. She knows first-hand the difficulties and frustrations of trying to build a positive future in Britain today. The education system failed her badlybut she is now making up for lost time by going back to school and realising that the more you put into life, the more you get back. She therefore works as a Samaritans volunteer and an adult training centre volunteer, alongside being a secondary school governor and a part-time student.

Delyth says, “I have discovered late in life the importance of a good education and of never giving up on people. We have the people and resources to help everyone build themselves a better future, but all too often we see obstacles put in the way of people finding the help they need. The availability of any such help is now being jeopardised by the savage and unnecessary cuts from the Con-Dem coalition. This simply is not a fair approach to the problems we face.

“The Green Party offers a coherent programme for a fairer, better world for our children. I am passionate about providing a brighter future for the younger generation than the appalling legacy being created for them from a succession of Labour and Conservative governments. There are positive alternatives. Think outside the box and put your cross in the Green Party box.”


WAG candidates

Bridgend Greens Delyth Miller and Andy Chyba have been selected as two of the four Green Party candidates for South Wales West region in the Wales Assembly elections next year. 

South Wales West consists of seven constituencies (Aberavon, Bridgend, Gower, Neath, Ogmore, Swansea East and Swansea West). For such a fledgling local party to have two candidates is a great honour and gives us some instant credibility.

Meet the candidates at the Bridgend EAGM on Thursday 18th November7.30pm in the Haywain Function Room.