Britain’s first energy positive house built at Stormy Down, Bridgend

The Solcer House at Cenin in Stormy Down, Wales, was build as part of the Low Carbon Research Institute programme. For every £100 spent on electricity used, it should be able to generate £175 in electricity exports. Cardiff University Britain’s first low cost ‘energy positive’ house, which can generate more electricity than its occupants will […]

Policy Forum Wales : Energy Policy in Wales

This keynote seminar was held at the Angel Hotel this morning and featured a lot of the players and vested interests in the energy sector from across Wales, including delegates from grass roots organisations – including Frack Free Wales (me). Main points from each contributor: PETER DAVIES (Commissioner for Sustainable Futures and Chair of Climate […]

Renewable energy co-ops

This is an obstructive move by the FCA that cannot go unchallenged if we are to achieve progress towards an ecosocialist future. Please support. FCA 38 Degrees Campaign – Support Needed! Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) refuses to allow creation of new renewable energy co-ops – please sign and share the petition View this email in […]

Andy Chyba appointed Green Party (GPEW) Policy Expert on Energy & Fracking

From: Sam Subject: Your Green Party Policy Expert applicationDate: 6 November 2014 Dear Andy, Many thanks for your application and assessment task for the role of policy expert. I’m really sorry that this whole process has taken so long, but I’m pleased to tell you that your application has been successful, and we are keen […]

Tell your friends about Britain’s greenest energy and we’ll send you both £50 of vouc hers

One way to combat the frackers! Begin forwarded message: From: Ecotricity <home> Subject: Tell your friends about Britain’s greenest energy and we’ll send you both £50 of vouchers Date: 5 November 2014 10:30:11 GMT Can’t see the email? View it in your browser Dear Mr Andrew Chyba, As an Ecotricity customer benefiting from our 100% […]

Press Notice – Welsh Affairs Committee Report: Energy generation in Wales: Shale Gas

Begin forwarded message: From: Welsh Affairs Committee <Welshcom> Subject: Press Notice – Welsh Affairs Committee Report: Energy generation in Wales: Shale Gas Date: 16 June 2014 08:47:55 GMT+01:00 Welsh Affairs Committee Select Committee Announcement PUBLICATION OF REPORT POTENTIAL COMMERCIAL BENEFITS OF SHALE GAS FOR WALES MUST NOT COME AT EXPENSE OF ENVIRONMENT In a report […]


The Director of one of Wales’ leading environmental organisations, Sustainable Wales, is backing the proposed Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.   Margaret Minhinnick, Director of Sustainable Wales says that the project will have a key role to play in generating the promised 15% of energy from renewable sources by 2020.   She said, “Based in Porthcawl, […]

Eden Energy may have abandoned Gerwyn Williams, but the Australian frackers still have some sound advice for him!

As Gerwyn Williams (of Coastal Oil & Gas /UK Methane/ Seven Star infamy) and his cronies desperately scramble about trying to raise some capital (they are rumoured to be thinking of trying their luck with a share issue scam), the video below offers some insight into how Australian coal companies go about it. It will […]