Some more insight into the organisation behind the Bridgend Christian School

Christine Gregg was fired from CEE, the UK arm of Accelerated Christian Education, following a long period of being thoroughly taken advantage of. She is now keen to expose the inner workings of the company, in particular its abuse of staff, in-fighting, and breach of employment law. Read her exposé here:,106.0/topicseen.html

Hospital Chaplaincies – a Green Christian response Green Christian is a blog run by Stephen Gray, a self-professed Evangelical Christian and member of Coventry Green Party. I have copied his post from earlier today below, after which I respond to his points. Posted on February 11, 2013 at 11:18 am, One of the things about having this blog is that I […]

The green message and religiosity

Given that today I have been formally invited to finally visit the Bridgend Christian School (, it is opportune timing for the Guardian to publish this article: I quote: Looked at more closely, though, and one lesson to emerge is the absolute centrality of religion in today’s politics. The cities where ‘religion’ is the […]

Creationism -– the thin end of a very dangerous Wedge Strategy.

I have written before on the need for the Green Party to base its policies on good science and rational thinking For the most part it does this very well. We run into trouble occasionally by allowing our utopian visions to distort our interpretation of the evidence, but the principles of rationality are embedded […]